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Hello! I am Software Developer from Nairobi, Kenya. I have rich experience in web site design and development with proficient in JS(React and NodeJS), HTML and CSS(bootstrap), PHP(Laravel) and Adobe(photoshop, XD and illustrator) basics. I'd be glad to work for/with you.
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Hello! Thank you for checking in. I am a Mathematics and Computer Science Graduate from Kenyatta University, Kenya, with a good Mathematics and Technical Knowledge.

My proffesional life has been driven by my passion for technlology and its 'magic'. I started coding while in college with the basic html, JS and basic Java and since then, I've been digging the tech day by day.

I love building things and currently I am building react native and react apps to strengthen my Software development skills. My philosophy includes Integrity, teamwork, discipline and honesty That has enabled me to work with teams and deliver quality work. In addtion I have a good interest in Finance and cyber security

  • Residence: Kenya
  • Status: Available
  • Address: Nairobi Areai
  • Phone:+254717031210
  • E-mail:
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Geoffrey Ngugi
Software Developer
  • Residence: Kenya
  • Staus: Available
  • Address:Nairobi
  • Phone: +254 717031210
  • E-mail:
Geoffrey Ngugi